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HEAD LICE AND NITS, are creatures that live in the hair of both kids and adults. They are not something to be embarrassed about but you do need to take immediate precautions to eliminate them and prevent them spreading.

You will know when you or your children have contracted head lice because there will likely be an immediate effect. The symptoms include: 

• Itching of the scalp 
• Scratching of the head
• Sensation of "heat" all over the top of the scalp

If you have these symptoms but are unsure of the cause, contact the English speaking team at Piojos No.


At Piojos No Marbella we are offering a simple, fast and effective way to address the issue immediately. They use micro-camera for diagnosis and to show the costumer what we had removed from them. We are trained professionals with a strong track record of service to the expat family community on the Costa del Sol. 

We are based in Marbella centre, near the Alameda park in Ricardo Soriano. Within 90 minutes we will eliminate lice and nits. No chemicals, no pesticides and 100% ecological.

We offer two types of treatments to remove the head lice, according to the pediculosis and type of hair. 

If you simply want to make sure that you or your kids are free of lice, contact us for a Free Hair Review at the phone number +34 677062873.

We also can offer a home service in Marbella, Mijas, Benahavis and Estepona.